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How does 123Woonruimte work?

You can register for free at 123Woonruimte. It is then possible to set a search profile. Will a property be available that matches your search profile? Then you will immediately receive an e-mail from us and / or a push notification in your telephone. You can set what kind of notification you want to receive. Naturally saves you a lot of work: you no longer have to search the web yourself. You can view all information about a home, its location and all photos for free. Do you want to contact the landlord directly? Then it is necessary to switch to a paid account. We have various options here. You can upgrade (or deregister) this via your account. Nice and easy, right?

Respond to a rental property

Different rules and conditions apply to every living space. We will look it up for you. A deposit may be charged or a special income may be required. For example, smoking is prohibited in certain homes and you are not allowed to keep pets in every rental house and some landlords do not want children under a certain age due to noise pollution. We also look at which taxes and surcharges are added to the rent for you. In this way you fully understand the total rental price!.