About us

Why would it be difficult to find a rental property? Asking this question was the start of the idea for the website Finding a rental home has become unnecessarily complex in the Netherlands in recent years. Due to the big shortage of housing in the Netherlands, many tenants can no longer know where to look for , since there are also many agents, online portals to find a living space. Starters in particular have difficulty with all the information that can be found in different places. Besides that the dutch government made a law 29 May 2019 regarding the reduction of reactive nitrogen, by not building new houses, at the moment the government get many complaints and hope this issue will be resolved.

Nevertheless, there are still many properties avaliable, since house owners do not want anybody to live in their houses. here are many personal wishes. We have put this website together to find the bes match between landlords and tenants. The solution is a platform where private tenants and estate agents come together so that supply and demand can be found in one place. Such a platform did not exist yet: so that's!

For only €9,95 for one month you can respond to unlimited properties all over the Netherlands.